Flo Mask Tips and Tricks

Care and Cleaning

  • Colder weather can accelerate the build up of condensation in the mask, even with a foam insert. Flo Mask suggests dabbing or squeezing the foam with a clean napkin or tissue periodically to keep the mask comfortable all day.
  • To clean the condensation insert, Flo Mask recommends adding a drop of soap to the foam and hand washing after every use. Be sure to rinse out all soap, squeeze dry, and leave it out to properly air dry.
  • To clean the elastic straps, soak in warm water and mild soap. Gently hand scrub, rinse, and allow straps to properly air dry.
  • The body and front cover of the Flo Mask can also be hand washed with mild soap. Allow the components to air dry overnight.
  • Filter replacement: for peak filtration efficiency and breathability, Flo Mask recommends the following under normal air quality conditions:
    • Kid Filter – up to 8 hours of use
    • Everyday Filter – up to 20 hours of use
    • Pro Filter – up to 40 hours of use
    In smoky or poor air quality conditions, Flo Mask recommends replacing the filter more frequently.
  • To help keep filters fresh and maintain good breathability, store the mask in the microfiber pouch when not in use.

Tips for a Better Seal

  • It seems counterintuitive, but tightening the straps too much may actually result in a worse fit, as this can excessively deform the silicone gasket. Instead, start looser and gradually increase the tension on the straps. The Halo Strap is an excellent top strap to hold the mask in place without the need for over-tightening.
  • Ensure equal tension/pressure for the top and bottom straps.
  • If you have a tiny leak around the nose, try installing the optional condensation insert as the added resistance could help create more pressure against your nose. Keep the gasket in place by pulling the mask forward from your face and let it fall directly back, allowing the gasket to curl over the foam insert.
  • If the leak is mostly on exhalation, try the Everyday Filter instead, as the excellent breathability will reduce leaks around the gasket.
  • Try wearing the mask for several minutes to allow the natural moisture of your skin and breath help create a better seal.
  • Consider moving the mask further down your nose, as it will naturally be wider and potentially create a better seal.

Ideal Mask Placement

Video Tutorials for Adults

Measuring Your Nose Bridge:

Installing the Filter:

Donning and Doffing:

In-depth Demonstration:

Video Tutorials for Kids

Getting Started with Flo Mask for Kids:

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