The Evidence-Based Social Enterprises Canada Charity Fundraising Store supports the Donate A Mask project.

100% of the money that we raise goes towards sending free N95-equivalent masks and rapid tests to folks in need across Canada.

  • Respirators as low as $0.35 each

    SHOP BYD DN1102 KN95 
  • Flo Mask for Children and Adults


    We send free N95 and equivalent masks to those in need across Canada. If you can't afford to purchase respirators to protect you and your family from the smoke, we're here to help!


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Finding the right mask is a bit like finding the perfect pair of jeans. To help, we've put together mask sampler packs.

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Newly Lowered Prices

  • Kids Flo Mask: reusable respirator for children as young as 4 and up to 12 years of age.

  • Show your support for COVID-19 with these stickers from our friend @friendlycovid19

  • Check out this lightweight reusable respirator from our friends at PrescientX


Buying from us supports...

COVID Protections in Your Community

We only offer products we trust to help you protect yourself and your community.

Vulnerable Families Across Canada

All sales from our charity store help us provide masks and rapid tests to folks in Canada.

Canadian Artisans

We offer products from Canadian Artisans like Scrap Scrunchie Shop and Guelph Market. The proceeds help us with our mission to provide masks and rapid tests across Canada.