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SoftSeal VFold Silicone Sealing N95 Certified Respirator (As-Is)

SoftSeal VFold Silicone Sealing N95 Certified Respirator (As-Is)

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Ships to: 🇨🇦 Canada and 🇺🇸 USA

Box (10-count, individually wrapped) SoftSeal VFold N95 certified respirator with the 360 degree silicone face seal. Foldable for easy carry. Designed for comfort for long-duration wear. Adjustable fit headband. NIOSH small size, suitable for children/youth. No exhalation valve. (Now in stock!)

Note: Small size is recommended for Children/Youth.

If your N95 mask doesn’t seal to your face and remain sealed, the simple fact is you are NOT protected. Anyone who has worn an N95 mask has experienced the substandard performance of many N95s — poor fit, poor seal, and uncomfortable to wear.

Particles in and around your nose after wearing an N95 mask indicate the seal around the edges of the mask has failed, allowing particles into your breathing zone. The facial seal is the single most important factor in protecting your lungs. 

SoftSeal masks are specifically designed to seal to your face, remain sealed so you stay protected, and be comfortable to wear for extended periods. Here’s how:

• The 360 degree silicone seal molds to your face, maintaining the seal even while speaking or moving.
• As you inhale, the thin, feathered edge of the silicone seal tightens to your face.
• Molded-in adjustable nose clip can be shaped to your nose and won’t peel off.

• Four sizes ensure a personalized fit and tight seal.
• While most masks use staples that can leak, SoftSeal’s 4-point head straps are molded into the silicone face seal to help prevent leakage. 
• Dual straps above and below the ears provide sealing forces in two directions.
• Tensioning clips in each head strap enable manual adjustment for an even better fit.

• No itchy material against your skin.
• An internal structure prevents mask collapse while breathing and improves the mask’s durability.
• CoolTech™ Valve reduces heat and moisture in the mask.
• SoftSeal’s no-fog design keeps goggles and glasses fog-free. 

Specifications and data sheet (PDF)

AS-IS: "EXPIRED" - Oct 2023 for the Medium and Large models

Why we offer expired masks

Testing has shown that N95 respirators up to 11 years past their printed expiry date still protect as well as new respirators. As with any mask, check for a good seal.

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