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Powecom® KN95 (N95-equivalent) Respirator Mask - Headband Style

Powecom® KN95 (N95-equivalent) Respirator Mask - Headband Style

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Packs of 10.  Made to the GB2626-2019 standard with Better Breathability.


  • Construction: Multi-layer filtration system of non-woven soft and breathable fibers.
  • All respirators manufactured after May 20th, 2020 are affixed with an anti-fake sticker that can be used to verify authenticity.


  • 46% non-woven polypropylene, 28% melt-blown fabric, 26% ES hot air cotton.
  • Head Bands: Latex free
  • Nose piece: Adjustable metal

Powecom® KN95 masks have been tested by the NPPTL and CDC repeatedly for their filtration efficiency of equal to or greater than 95%. Like the N95, the KN95 face mask is rated to provide 95% or greater filtration of particles larger than 0.3 µm (microns) in diameter such as bacteria, viruses, pollution particles, fine particles, smog, dust, pollen, etc. Made of multiple filtration layers of polypropylene and electrostatic cotton, the 3D foldable design makes them comfortable and provides excellent ergonomic fitting and sealing.

Want to try one out before you buy a box? Check out our sampler set here.

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