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QT3 Portable Air Purifier (Travel version)

QT3 Portable Air Purifier (Travel version)

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The small, lightweight QT3 is designed to bring you clean air wherever you go. The travel version comes with a built-in battery for a cordless experience. Add another layer of protection. This one is perfect for travel, socializing, your desk at work or school.

See pollution collect in your filter (instead of your lungs) and enjoy experiencing the cleanest air in the world.

With an 800-hour lifespan, the QT3 is packed with a HEPA filter that removes 95% of particles from the air in one pass, including PM2.5 (which is prevalent in wildfire smoke), virus particles such as COVID-19, dust, pet fur, pollen and allergens, and pet dandruff. The QT3 does not incorporate a carbon filter, so its efficacy against certain types of pollution may be limited. For a deeper understanding of wildfire smoke and its implications, please read this article.

The QT3 is small enough to be placed on a small table but powerful enough to provide a stream of clean air 1.2m away. 

Technical Specifications

Includes 1× QT3 Air Purifier
1× HEPA Filter
1× USB charger cable
1× QT3 Product Manual
Dimensions L × W × H 150 × 145 × 180 mm
655 g (1.4 lbs)
CADR (m3/h) 37 (on high speed)
Noise Level (dB) 29 – 34 – 45 (low – mid – high)
HEPA Lifespan 200 days (800 hours, running 4 hours per day)
HEPA Filter Grade H11
Power Consumption 9W (on high speed)
Power Supply 5V DC (USB port)
Safety Certifications CE / C-mark / GB 4706.1-2005; GB 4706.27-2008
Recommended Maximum  Usable Distance 1.2 meters

Battery Information

Battery Capacity

2000 mAh
Battery Charge Time (from empty) Approx. 3 hours
Battery life (low–mid–high) Approx. 4–3–2 hours
Battery Type Lithium


View the Smart Air QT3 Product Manual here

Shipping is included for orders in Canada.

Spring can bring delightful surprises! 

The first 30 customers who purchase a QT3 and/or a 2-pack of QT3 HEPA filters will receive:

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